More and more White Lake MI drivers today are choosing to lease rather than buy their new Ford because it’s a convenient and affordable way to drive a new car every couple of years. While new cars begin to depreciate quickly after the sale, this doesn't affect lease customers. Another reason why leasing a Ford has been so popular is that customers have so many models from which to choose. Here is some valuable information on Ford leasing.

There are several reasons to lease a vehicle.

  • You get the latest technology: Every year, new vehicles get the latest technologies. By leasing, Waterford MI drivers have access to the latest features sooner than if you were to purchase a vehicle.

  • You get a new car: In addition to new technology, you can enjoy the whole new car experience every three years or so.

  • Lower monthly payments: Lease payments are generally smaller than loan payments. However, it's important to remember that you aren't paying into equity.

  • Smaller down payment: Down payments on leased vehicles are typically lower than on a purchase.

  • Sales tax savings: The amount you pay in taxes on a leased vehicle is less than a purchased car. This is because you are only paying taxes on the monthly payments, not the full price of the vehicle.

  • Easy to trade in: At the end of the lease term, the vehicle can be brought in and traded for a new model.

  • Warranty: New car warranties generally extend beyond the length of a lease. This means that maintenance is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for the entire lease term.

Lease a Ford Model near Fenton and Clarkston, MI

There are many positives to leasing, but it's important to remember certain details. With a lease, you are not free to modify the vehicle, and you aren't paying into equity. Additionally, most contracts have yearly mileage limits, which is something to consider if you frequently take long trips. If you have further questions, contact the Team at Szott Ford at your convenience. If you'd like to try out one of our new Ford models for yourself, we invite you to visit our Ford Dealership in Holly, MI, for a test drive. We'll be happy to assist you.

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