Throughout the nation, many states are beginning to deal with colder weather. More often than not, the arrival of cold weather is a sign that winter is right around the corner – no matter if you live nearby or are in Fenton, MI.

One of the most beneficial features for winter driving is Ford's Terrain Management System. This system comes with seven separate driving modes, giving you the freedom to drive on all types of terrains. Plus, the Terrain Management System has a specific Snow setting to provide the best possible driving experience on slippery and snowy roads. Paired with Ford's Intelligent 4WD technology, you'll have superior traction while driving in the winter.

If you've driven while it's snowing, you'll know that loss of visibility is a major concern. Fortunately, certain SUVs from Ford offer automatic high-beam headlamps. These headlamps provide superior lighting quality to help make the road ahead more visible. Best of all, these headlamps automatically dim when your vehicle detects other cars on the road. With this feature, you don't have to worry about constantly having to manually turn your headlights on and off.

To obtain peak performance in the winter, it's helpful to drive an SUV with a lot of horsepower. Fortunately, Ford is an automobile manufacturer that understands the importance of powerful vehicles. For instance, the Ford Escape can provide you with up to 250 horsepower. The Ford Edge provides even more power, delivering up to 335 horsepower. Many of Ford's SUVs also come with a wide range of safety features like lane departure assistance and blind-spot monitoring to help keep you safe.

Ford manufactures many popular SUVs, including the Explorer, Expedition, Escape, and many others, visit Szott Ford. You can find our dealership in Holly, MI, which is a short distance away from Clarkston, MI and White Lake Charter Township, MI. We can't wait to help you find the perfect Ford SUV to keep you safe during the winter.

We are proud to serve drivers in Waterford, MI and Grand Blanc, NL, too.

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