Ford Super Duty: Built Tough for Tough Jobs

Ford’s heavy-duty Super Duty pickup is built tough for the tough jobs. Ford made the best even better with a beefier foundation and stronger materials in its line of pickup trucks. Let’s see how Ford made their Super Duty pickup even tougher than before.

Ford knows that building a tough truck starts with a tough foundation. That is why they decided to put heavier, stronger materials where it counts in the axles and frame. They also know that stopping ability counts and they now have one of the biggest braking systems for trucks in their class. Ford continued this philosophy with the body. It is now made of high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy for dent and rust resistance. Ford put strength where it counts the most.

The Ford Super Duty is one tough truck that you will need to see to believe. So stop by Szott Ford for a test drive.



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