You're on the road to your next new Ford. When it comes to financing vs. leasing, however, you've got a few miles to travel still. You're not sure you're ready to head down the one that leads to ownership yet. After all, your needs change often -- as frequently as the variety in your travels, to be sure. You commute weekly, 9-to-5. You love weekend getaways. The occasional road trip's always on your radar. You've got the whole family and your friends to load up to boot. What you're looking for in a new car or truck changes -- indeed, must change -- with those needs. That, and you just plain like checking out what's new without committing to this or that Ford model.

If these hypotheticals describe you, leasing a new Ford here in Holly, MI may be the right choice. Here at Szott Ford, we make it easier than ever, with a host of competitive Ford lease deals. So, why lease a new Ford, exactly?

  • For one, a lease is a temporary agreement for a short term, usually just 36 months or a few years. That means you can change vehicles as your needs, driving style, preferences, and feature tastes change.
  • Secondly, both your down payment and monthly expenses can be lower than if you'd opted for a new car loan. That's because, on a lease, and unlike on a loan, you're only paying for your vehicle's normal depreciation over a short term, not its total cost. Think "lower principal" than on a loan -- it's a similar idea.
  • Though lease terms can include clauses covering wear and tear, mileage restrictions, and other requirements, like lease-end fees, they're highly flexible, and therefore, often more affordable by long-term comparison.

Ready to apply to lease a new Ford? It's a cinch from wherever you're browsing, whether that's for a Ford Fusion up in Grand Blanc, MI, a Ford Taurus out in Fenton, a Ford Explorer around the corner in Clarkston, MI, or a Ford Mustang down in White Lake or Waterford. Just fill out our quick application right here online. We'll get back to you to discuss options.

Give us a call or visit the showroom here on East Holly Road in the meantime to take your favorite model for a test drive. We'll be glad to show you all that a new Ford can bring to your drive!

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