Ford Mustang Performance Features

If you are a fan of Mustang, then you already know the 2019 model is the latest to come out of the Ford camp with more power and fine-tuned engineering than in the past. The all new models have more horsepower, handling, and customization options. You can use all of the different driving modes to customize your driving experience as well, going from Quiet start mode all the way up to Drag Strip mode, where you can truly see the performance of the latest Mustangs. The Shelby GT is the most praised trim of the Mustang, allowing you to get over 500-horsepower in the higher trims.

The performance of the Mustang is easy to see on the road. It has better handling, and it has received the number one spot for sports cars according to US News & World Report. This is due to the excellent suspension system, three different engine options, and two different transmission styles. You can really take the Mustang as far as you want to go with Tank mode on as well.

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