New Ford Taurus Important Technology Features

When the entire family here at Szott Ford discover features in a new vehicle worthy of a closer look, we can't wait to pass that information on to local motorists. This year, the all-new Ford Taurus full-size sedan is the popular choice because of countless technology features.

The all-new Ford Taurus comes with a Blind Spot Information System that will help protect you when you are driving on busy roads. If a vehicle is in your blind spot, the side mirror on your car flashes so you know where that other car is and when it is clear for you to begin changing lanes.

When you take your new Ford Taurus on the highway for a drive, this is when you can take advantage of the Adaptive Cruise Control system. Utilizing radar technology, sensors scan the road ahead for a lead vehicle and will create a driving buffer so you maintain a safe driving distance all the time.



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