The Exceptional Performance Features of the 2019 Ford Fiesta

The 2019 Ford Fiesta is packed with features that make it a safe, sporty, and reliable subcompact car. With three different models to choose from, the S, SE, and ST, there will be one that will fit your driving habits in Holly, MI. Szott Ford can show you your various options and explain their unique features.

To make it easy to steer at low speeds, such as when getting in and out of parallel parking spots, the Ford Fiesta is equipped with Electric Power-Assisted Steering. The electric motor will provide a fluid feel when you're trying to maneuver at low speeds, and the entire steering system will become firmer as your speed increases. This can help you drive straight in crosswinds or on crowned roads.

For safety, the Ford Fiesta has anti-lock brakes so that you can stop confidently on a variety of surfaces.



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