How to Replace a Flat Tire

​If you have a lug wrench and a spare tire, you have every reason to change that flat and avoid those long wait times from roadside assistance. Learning how to change a flat tire is a rite of passage. Once you know, it can save you a pinch if your tire ever blows out, especially if you are in a location where roadside assistance cannot reach you.

Changing a tire is a pretty simple step-by-step process. All you need is an inflated spare tire, lung wrench, car jack, and possibly your owner's manual if you want to have a diagram and guidance specific to your vehicle. Using the lug wrench, you can remove the lug nuts from the hubcaps first, then you'll need a jack to lift the car to prevent any damage.

If you need help fixing your flat tire or want to see if it can be patched, take your car to Szott Ford located in Holly, MI for a quick assessment.

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