Ford Fusion Hybrid Raising the Bar with New Design Features

​In the market for a hybrid sedan that is packed with countless safety and design features? Then you need to be taking a closer look at the all-new Ford Fusion Hybrid.

The new Ford Fusion Hybrid comes with the Pre-Collision Assist feature. The way this works is the system monitors the road ahead and will assist the driver in bringing the vehicle to a stop. If the brakes are applied and something is detected in the road, extra power will be distributed to all the brakes in order to come to a faster stop.

The Blind Spot Information System in the Ford Fusion Hybrid is monitoring all the blind spots around the vehicle. If a car is in any blind spot, flashing lights on that corresponding mirror alert you to proceed carefully.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid needs to be experienced to be believed, so come to Szott Ford and take one for a test drive today.




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