The Future is Safer Thanks to Ford’s Autonomous Technology

Ford’s new vehicles have taken a step towards the futuristic and are safer than ever because of it. With driver-less cars all the rage but still a couple years away from being commonplace, autonomous technology has begun to filter into Ford’s new model lineup. By recording and processing the data of the environment around your vehicle, Ford’s autonomous technology acts as a sonar system around your car. This allows your Ford to see and react to pedestrians or other obstacles to avoid collisions.

Ford’s autonomous technology also allows for safer operation at operating speeds and in all types of traffic. The same ‘sonar’ technology calculates the speeds of other vehicles in front of and around you, and can reduce speed or pre-charge brakes to reduce reaction time when action needs to be taken.

Beneath all the impressive technology and safety features that make Ford vehicles so impressive is a foundation of quality and fine craffmanship that can be traced back to Ford’s creation as a brand. This high quality and impressive tech can be found in all Ford vehicles at Szott Ford, and we hope you’ll visit our team to take a test drive of a new Ford vehicle soon!

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