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2011 Ford F150 SuperCab 4X4

Ford has many special offers on their full line up of American-made vehicles at Szott Ford, located at 8880 East Holly Rd. in Holly, MI. An updated Ford F150 SuperCab is headed to your city. The EcoBoost engine onboard the F-150 Lariat SuperCab 4x4 produces a ton of power, with solid four-wheel-drive, and cabin tech including weather/traffic updates and fuel prices.

Let's go back to that EcoBoost engine for a minute. This powerplant is a twin turbocharged direct-injection 3.5-liter V6. With the ability to lift a 1760-lb payload, while seating 4 comfortably, average fuel economy hits 15…

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Ford F150 Top 10 Best Used Car

It's very common for people today to want to buy a used car rather than a new model fresh off the assembly line. After all, there are a handful of financial benefits that accompany such a decision. To name just three: lower over-all cost, lower monthly payments, and the possibility of lower car insurance.

The prevailing question is: What are today's best used cars? Until recently, there's been little research done to answer that question. Today's toughest car critiques and expert editors tend to focus most all of their attention on rating and reviewing new cars…

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