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Schedule routine service for your vehicle today

Your car needs a lot of maintenance to ensure that it is performing at its full potential. It only takes a few minutes to check tire pressure and to top fluids, and it is well worth it. Better to spend a few minutes than to have to deal with a flat tire or cause major engine damage because you didn't have enough oil.

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For more thorough maintenance, you can take your vehicle to us here at Szott Ford. We will be able to run diagnostics and find things that you may have missed. It's a good i


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How Do I Know When I Need New Tires?

When you are on the road, you may not think actively about your tires, or the importance of their health. However, without your tires, you would not be able to move your car. It is for this reason, and for numerous safety reasons, that it is imperative to ensure your tires are always up to par.

How can you tell when you need new tires, though? What are some warning signs of failing tires? This video helps explain both of these questions.

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Rotate Your Tires Regularly!

Your tires should be rotated about every three to six thousand miles. Your tires wear unevenly due to their position on the vehicle. Front tires wear in different areas than the back tires. Rotating them on a regular basis can save money and give you a smoother, safer ride as well.

Worn tires can be a danger. There is a cute way to check if your tires are worn. Get a penny and stick it into the tread of your tire. If you can see Lincoln's face, your tires are worn.
The best time to rotate your tires is…
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